Ready to Write Your Own Story?

Welcome to TaiLorMade Books! If You are looking for Great Entertainment, You've come to the Right Place. There are several different Genres to choose from to Spark Your reading Interest from Urban Fiction to Actual Life Advice. "Partially Broken Never Destroyed" is a Drama-Filled, Urban Romance Series with Six Intriguing Parts that gets Hotter each Book! There are also Awesome Standalones that involve Teenage Life Decisions, Action and Adventure, and a Riveting Mystery/Thriller just to suggest a few. Most Books are FREE for #kindleunlimited users and are in Audio, Ebook, and Paperback Formats!

Have you always wanted to write a book but don't know where to start? Good News! You've already started the initiation process since every book starts with an idea. An idea that you probably already have in your mind or written down in a notebook. The next step is to start by reading these amazing starters for aspiring authors! You learn the ins and outs about editing, book covers, formatting, marketing, and so much more!


If you need just a little more inspiration or if you're just looking for a good book to relax and read, feel free to check out the TailorMade Collection. Besides having a little action, a little drama, suspense, and thrilling scenes, there also is a life lesson or two in every book.