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Lisa expected her marriage to work with Terry. Yet somehow in her devastation, she finds solace and happiness. She meets another wonderful guy who sweeps her off her feet. She tries to be more compromising and understanding. However, her circumstances just are...unfavorable.

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No matter how hard she tried to deal with the cards she was dealt, Charlie’s soul-stirring recollections continue to interfere with her normal life. Uncertain of how to move forward from a haunting darkness, her only option is to confront the source of her issues.

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"Dirty Donna" is the name given to her by her new stepdaughter, Monica. Donna could care less about the childish name-calling due to her enhanced lifestyle. She is too elated by the fact that she is in love with the perfect man who happens to be a rich and brilliant business tycoon. 

Unfortunately, it only takes one major incident for Reece’s life to snowball into a series of horrific occurrences. It is hard to believe that a child this young and innocent would begin to question her own existence. As life continues, so does Reece’s trials and tribulations.

Unlawful Vows is one of Nataisha's latest and biggest debuts. What began as a six-book series with Partially Broken Never Destroyed, slowly blossomed into several individual books and a separate mini-series. She's currently working on other creative services including TaiLorMade Amazon Store, which includes skincare products, fashion design ideas, home decor, weight loss essentials, and so much more. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

Despite her tragedies, RosaBella found the endless & unconditional love that she yearned for. The luster that she has found in the good doctor is provocatively explosive. It's a tantalizing distraction that prohibits them from noticing the prominent danger that lies before them


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In a twisted turn of events, Kayla meets a very intriguing guy after deciding to stay single. This unexpected encounter leads her into a steamy love affair. Her intuition tells her that something is extremely wrong about this man, but...she is captivated by lust.

It was at that moment she realized she didn't know her husband the way she thought. She'd been so sure he wouldn't react so...hurtfully. It made her wonder, what else she didn't know about Sonny...

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