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After graduating high school, I attended JohnCasablancas Modeling and Career Center in Nashville, Tennessee. I learned about modeling basics in addition to make-up application and skincare. I earned my certification as a select model/actress and then joined Model Talent Management as an amateur model/actress under (Gina Vickery).

I also attended Middle Tennessee State University, but life happened, and after entertaining a short modeling/acting career, I focused on schooling and graduated from MTSU majoring in Mass Communication and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

In the meantime, I began to pursue a career in writing. I wrote articles for different websites such as associated content, which is no longer available, but I hadn't yet established myself as an author. Unexpected situations continued to happen to me as well as people around me, so I had to release and find a way to capture my experiences as well as my creativity. I've actually been writing short stories and poetry since the tender age of four, so I guess it was just in me to write. I published my first novel "Partially Broken Never Destroyed" in 2012, which was when I took on the title of being an author.

In addition to writing, I constantly find myself researching and finding innovative ways to manage my health which includes my hair, skin, nails, weight, and anything that has to do with me physically. I write reviews about products that work for me and those that flop. When I'm not doing anything listed above, I am busy being a mother to my wonderful kids.

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