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It was at that moment she realized she didn't know her husband the way she thought. She'd been so sure he wouldn't react so...hurtfully. It made her wonder, what else she didn't know about Sonny.

Meet Author Nataisha Hill

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‚ÄčTaiLorMade Books

-Excerpt from the best-selling book Unlawful Vows

‚ÄčUnlawful Vows is one of Nataisha's latest and biggest debuts. What began as a six-book series with Partially Broken Never Destroyed, slowly blossomed into several individual books and a separate mini-series. She's currently working on other creative services including TaiLorMade Essentials LLC., which includes an active handmade skincare line, fashion design, and more. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!