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I would like to thank all of my avid readers of Tailormade Books. In honor of this appreciation, I am giving away a NEW FREE MP3 MP4 Player (pictured above) with a 16 GB Micro SD card!!!! Yes, you can upload e-books!

All you have to do is give thorough details of any murder/killing plot: Who? Where? Why? How? from any of the 3 Books in Partially Broken Never Destroyed and ENTER info on THIS page to enter into drawing. For Subject enter CONTEST

*Only one entry per individual, duplicate entries will not be accepted and may cause elimination. No two entries should be exactly alike, therefore, individauls caught sharing or duplicating responses will be disqualified immediately. Vague answers will not be accepted.Winner will be announced via email and/or by social media. Prize as shown.  


Win a FREE MP3 MP4 Player !

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